• Product Package

    EILIS provides different chatbot packages to meet entrepreneurs’ need.

  • If you want....

    An auto-responses customer service reply fans effectively

    Optimize search engine results

    Improve organic reach and product exposure on Facebook

    Instantly interact with fans and build brand preference

    Improve campaign marketing
    and increase conversion rate

    Actively push notifications
    to deliver campaign info

  • FAQ

    Get to know more EILIS’ feature

    Apply for the 7 days free trial

    What is EILIS Point?

    EILIS Point is used to push notification.

    Calculation method: actively push one notification consume one EILIS Point.

    According to the product package you apply for,

    the package shows the different complimentary EILIS Point.
    If you want to top up more EILIS Point, you can top up in our admin panel.

    Who can authorize to set EILIS for fans page?

    Due to the FB management and security reasons, the FB roles have to be the admin of the fans page.

    Why EILIS doesn’t show up in the messenger after applied?

    1. Make sure you turn off the Instant Replies for messages in Facebook.

    2. If you had already turned off the Instant Replies, you can just refresh the web page or delete the messages and start to test over again.

    Can I push notifications to the fans that I had interacted before I applied for EILIS?

    You can only push notification to the subscription fan after they interact with EILIS (send a message or press a blue button).

    Why can’t I use EILIS after I changed my facebook account password?

    Please use incognito window to login EILIS again.